Make a Match!

I don’t know about you, but when school is out I am on the constant lookout to find ways to encourage summer learning that are just fun enough that my kids don’t even realize they are practicing the same skills they had been working on in school.

My daughter loves to read and just like her Mom, she will read anything she can get her hands on. We have plenty of flash cards and easy reader books that she can blow through in mere minutes but I have been looking for a way to continue her reading practice while having fun.

She loves to show off her yoga moves and she loves to play games. I came up with a simple memory match game that encourages her to think, read, and added bonus…. get active!

I created a set of cards. Each card has either a picture of a yoga pose or the name of the pose on the back. I laid them all out and had her try to make a match. Now we have like three of these games at home already. One is princess themed, one is shopkins, and the third is animals. While all of these encourage working on memory, none of them encourage physical activity or reading!

yoga match

Every time she makes a match she has to hold the pose for 10 seconds. We kept our game small with only five poses. But you can always add others for a more challenging version the whole family will love!

This is a great activity for before dinner or bedtime, or any other time during the day when you just need something fun to do! We used ours during a thunderstorm.

Happy matching!



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