Sensory Play For Kids!

Children learn through play. Offering engaging and stimulating sensory play opportunities engages the mind and body for an immersive play experience.

Below are some simple enjoyable activities to keep your little ones learning and exploring for hours! Looking for great ideas for your next play date? Look no further!


Glow sticks are always a crowd pleaser and never fail to delight! Practice making letters, numbers, and shapes!
Get the fish back in their bowl! Work on fine motor skills with Zoo Sticks. See purchase links at the end of this post!
Help the frogs hop into their pond. Any opportunity to play with water is exciting for young minds. See how much pressure it takes to hop these tiny frogs in their pond!
Have children practice their own frog hops. Then place hula hoops or obstacle rings in a line and have children practice large motor skills by hopping along the lily pads.
Encourage creative movement with scarves and dance ribbons (see purchase links below). Experiment using different types of music. Find music with different beats, and instruments. Use music with different tempos. Maybe even find music from different cultures. Talk about how the music makes you feel and how it makes you want to move.
Set up a meditation station with yoga mats, blankets, and blocks, or bolsters. Find a children’s yoga poster or printable sequence like the one posted below. Provide yoga books that are easy for children to follow along to. Giving children opportunities to relax and reset is just as important as giving them opportunities to explore!
There are many affordable options for in home ball pits and tunnels. Create your own obstacle courses and secret hideouts and watch your children’s imagination flourish!
Kinetic sand is an all time favorite sensory activity. Not only can you build amazing creations, but unlike regular play sand, it is a breeze to clean up!

Amazon is a great resource for sensory materials.

Check Here for yoga books

Here for a printable Yoga Sequence

Here for Zoo Sticks

Here for jumping frogs

Here for Ball Pits

Have fun and enjoy! I would love to hear your ideas for more sensory play opportunities.

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