Stretch Your Calves!

Stretch and Release Tight Calf Muscles

Our calves play an important role in just about every step we take. Tight calf muscles can increase your chances of injury and can greatly decrease your range of motion. Below are several stretches designed to help stretch and release your calves. Tight calves come with the territory for those who wear heels, ill fitting shoes, desk workers, and  runners. Happy stretching!

Single leg extension
lifting the heel of your front foot pull the toes towards you. Keep your beck knee bent and front knee as straight as possible.
Cross Legged Forward Fold
Keeping your crossed legs straight and feet close together, fold forward at the hip hinge.
Runners lunge
Staying on the shin of your back leg sink your hips toward your back heel as you fold forward over your front leg. Point and flex the front foot.

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