Full Moon Home Practice!

I am so very fortunate to live in a community where people love to come together to celebrate the full moon as a time of change and renewal.

Thank you to everyone who came out yesterday evening to celebrate the full moon! It was such a beautiful night and lovely to be outside despite the brewing storm. What a wonderful experience to hear the distant thunder and feel the gentle sprinkle of the cleansing rain washing away all of the negativity from our lives.

If you could not join us for practice yesterday, I encourage you to check out these videos below. The full moon will be visible this evening assuming there is not too much cloud coverage.

The first video is perfect for children and families. It features a quirky attempt at green screen lol! A shortened moon salute and a read-a-loud story to help end the day.

The second video is the practice we typically do for our full moon meditations on the beach!

Wishing you well! Please share with anyone you feel might find this interesting.

Much love,


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