To All of My Jewish Friends… I am Sorry


The events of today are tragic. The events of today are unspeakable. The events of today leave us feeling heartbroken, scared, angry, unsettled. But the events of today do not define you or the Jewish faith or the Jewish community. YOU ARE LOVED! YOU ARE STRONGER THAN HATE! YOU ARE WORTHY!

To all of my Jewish friends. “I’m sorry” does not convey the depth of sorrow I feel for the attack that occurred today …. it does not convey the outrage I feel on your behalf…. and it most certainly does not convey the love I have for each of you. Please know that love is stronger than hate and that despite all of the evil that is out there in the world …. I truly believe there is more good. Whatever you may need in this time of grief and unspeakable tragedy, please know that I am here to help and support and love you through this. I will do my part to raise children who are kind and accepting, I will do my part to use my voice whether through voting for politicians who understand what we need and desire as Americans or simply using my words to spread love to those who need it most. I see you, I hear you, and truly … I am sorry.


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