You Are Beautiful and Perfect, A love note for teens!

I Love all children … but let me tell you there is a special place in my heart for teens. They are so vibrant, so ambitious, so creative, but yet so vulnerable. At my daughter’s dance class there was a beautiful group of teenage dancers. Lively, gorgeous, laughter bubbling over …. but I overheard them comparing themselves to someone else “look at her body” “I want that body” “ I wish I looked like that “ does she not eat” “ugh I need to stop eating”

Now I am not saying that these girls are starving themselves, but these kinds of thoughts can spiral so quickly. I have dealt with bulimia and it is hell… no one should ever feel like their beautiful body is not worth love and adoration.

I got up and walked over to them and I said “ hi loves, I’m going to be the weird random total mom right now and just tell you all that you are beautiful and perfect just the way you are and I hope you never forget that!”

If you have teens in your life please take a moment to remind them of how wonderfully unique they are. ♥️🙏 it’s an easy thing for any one of us to forget and it’s a simple thing to remind others

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