The Desire to be Seen

The most beautiful declaration of love is for someone to simply let you know that you are seen …..

Tonight as I was putting the kids to bed our daughter started to get a slight attitude and said something unkind to her brother. When I asked if she would like to reconsider her word choice she said “I’m tired…. I’m not nice when I’m tired.”

I gently reminded her that while being tired may be a reason that we react in a certain way, it is not meant to be used as an excuse for poor choices. Apologies were made and attitudes were adjusted and bedtime carried on without incident.

Now I’m exhausted too, my husband had been gone all day and he will be gone tomorrow as well but as I made my way to my much anticipated bath, he grabbed my shoulder as I passed and said “that was a great way to handle that. You’re an amazingly patient mom”

That right there meant more to me than any other gesture of love … that right there showed me that he saw me in a moment where I too was tired but reacted with love.

To every incredible woman reading this, I want you to know that I see you, I admire you, and I love you for who you are. I see you trying to make the necessary changes for yourself and your family so you can live your best life, I see you battling hardships and moving mountains, I see you practicing endless amounts of kindness, empathy, patience, and forgiveness, I see you never giving up, I see you…., you are loved.

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