How to Celebrate Mother’s Day During Times of Social Distance

With the current state of things it may seem difficult to celebrate in the ways we are used to. Brunch, pedicures, spa treatments, day trips… These all seem to be hindered by current restraints, regulations, and closings. Fear not, there are still plenty of ways to celebrate Mother’s Day for yourself and the special women in your life. 

First, take a deep breath and remember that different is just that … different, it doesn’t have to be synonymous with bad. There is still much to celebrate and still much joy to be found. This year is different but different can be wonderfully memorable. Some resources are local to the Annapolis Md area, but many can be altered or adjusted regardless of location.

Below are some great ways to make this Mother’s Day the best one yet. 

Jewelry Making: Local Shops like The Twisted Bead are offering contactless shopping. Order beads and jewelry making supplies online or from local retailers or get creative with items you have in your own home (clay, pasta, old or broken jewelry, craft materials) come up with one of a kind wearable creations that will forever be a reminder that love is unstoppable. 

DIY Sip and Paint Experience: Youtube offers a wide range of guided painting videos that are perfect for any experience or ability level. Grab your favorite bottle of wine and create a new piece of art to treasure. My eight year old daughter and I enjoy the Art Sherpa videos on Youtube which are always vibrant in color and easy and enjoyable for adults and children. 

Enjoy a living room concert: Create a playlist of your favorite artists and enjoy an array of snacks while you get lost in the music that speaks to your soul. Each member of the family can create their own playlist and share why it is meaningful or maybe even share songs they would dedicate to each other. 

Virtual Tours and Vacations: Where is some place you would absolutely love to travel to? What destination is on your bucket list? Enjoy online tours of these exotic destinations (google, youtube, travel blogs…) or better yet have your family put together a slideshow of your dream vacation and enjoy a front row seat to daydreaming while snacking on themed food and drink options. Sometimes when the real thing just isn’t an option, a mindful experience can be the next best thing and lead to fun dreams and planning for future adventures. 

Organize Family Photos and Create Custom Albums Together: How many photos do we all have stored on our phones and computers? Sometimes just looking at these photos and reliving the memories together can brighten our mood and remind us just how much good there is in life. Work together to relive these memories and organize them into keepsake albums. Use sites like shutterfly to design your custom albums.

At home spa days: DIY spa days can be as luxurious as you want them to be. Dim the lights, play soothing music, and order your favorite spa products online or create DIY salt scrubs, sugar scrubs, and facemasks. Seek out local moms who may have inventory for Mary Kay, Avon, or Arbonne and see if they can help put together an at home spa package. Sip on lemon water or iced tea, and relax with a good book, a hot bath, or an indulgent podcast. 

Family Fashion Shows and Photo Shoots: Make the most of your time together and create lasting memories and laughs by doing a themed fashion show and photo shoot. High fashion, evening wear, color coordinated, movie characters, halloween, or any theme you desire. 

Family Bake Off: Who’s the best baker in the house? Have everyone pick a recipe and let the competition begin. Friendly competition is made even more fun by getting to enjoy homemade treats when its time to judge the final products. 

Illustrate and Share a Favorite Family Memory: Have every member of the family come up with their favorite memory or two. Have them write about why it is so meaningful or illustrate the memory and create a keepsake book of family favorites. 

 To-Go Goodies: Brunch or lunch to go and socially distant picnics can be a great way to indulge in fine foods and spend time with those you love. Some of my local favorites are wine pairings to go from Luna Blue, the Mother’s Day Tea menu from Reynolds Tavern, and the ever delicious to go brunch boxes from Cafe Mezzanote. If possible enjoy a social distance picnic from a safe distance with the special women in your life, or utilize services like zoom for a virtual celebration. 

No matter how you choose to celebrate this year, remember you are loved and we are all in this together.

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