I Am Tired

I am tired. Now this may seem like an odd reflection because thus far we have been focusing on positives but positivity comes down to perception and why should being tired be seen as anything other than a completely human response to an excess of stimuli and mental or physical exertion? I am well, I am still going, but truthfully I am tired. Being tired is not a weakness, being tired does not mean we are giving up, being tired does not mean we are not enough, being tired means we are human. When we are mentally spent, when we are emotionally on empty, when physically we can take no more, let us tell ourselves “my love you are weary, my darling you need rest, but my beautiful spirit you are far from done.”

Breathe compassion over your tired state, cover yourself in Grace filled understanding and then remind yourself of all you have to fight for, to live for, to work for…Give yourself a moment, a week, a month. Afford yourself the opportunities needed to pause and refuel your mind and body, take a rest, cry it out, call of friend, take a bath… whatever it is show yourself some love. Then, when you are ready, resume your duties knowing that one day you will again find yourself weary and in need of rest but this is all part of the process.

I am well, I am still going, but yes I am tired, but that is OK. I am OK.

Love you all my sweet friends. #StrongerTogether

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