Take Your Time!

My daughter woke up at 8:00 am this morning and strolled sleepily into the kitchen. “Good morning love!” I said to her which was met with a head butt to the chest (her early morning attempt at a hug 😂)

She stayed planted to my chest for a moment and then stared blearily up at the clock her eyes got wide and she said “oh no! I have to be to school in five minutes!”

I said don’t worry about that right now, how are you feeling (she had gone to bed super tired with a bit of a headache the night before.) I had let her sleep in, which happens maybe a couple times a year to make sure she was feeling ok.

She said she still had a slight headache and was super tired but was worried about being late for school.

I told her to relax with a nice warm shower and then have some breakfast,. I told her not to worry about being a little late but to instead give her body the care it needed this morning. I said you can’t expect to have a great day if you don’t give yourself time to start it right. ♥️

This goes for all of us. Don’t push yourself if your body is saying “I need a little extra time”. Give yourself space and grace. Listen to the cues your body is giving you and then do something gentle about them.

Occasionally being a little late because that’s what your body needed is nothing to feel stressed or shamed about. Show yourself compassion and gentility.

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